2019 Schedule of Fees (as of 9/18/18

Membership Sold by the Club$1300.00
Annual Dues$600.00
Annual Dues Late Fee, After April 10th$50.00
Additional Late Fees (assessed on the 1st of each subsequent month)$50.00
Club Fee for Selling Membership on behalf of Member$50.00
Babysitter Card before May 1st$35.00
Babysitter Card after May 1st or later$50.00
Babysitter Card Replacement$50.00
Membership Card Replacement$10.00
Seven-visit Guest Card$35.00
Individual guests cards are not available. Guests passes are purchased in groups of seven. Checks only (not cash) when purchased at the pool or you can pay online through your member account. Guest cards do not expire, they will carry over in your online account. 
One-Season Lease: 
Cost to Lessee: Dues + $250 leasing fee (Applies to club and private leases.)$850.00

Lifeguard Fees, if required (4 hour minimum)$25.00/hour/guard
Non-Member Party Guests$5.00